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Mar 18, 2017

Time flies!

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

Sadly, our pastimes are often cast to the side when times are busy, aren’t they? Luckily for me, I have had a nice break in the beginning of 2017 to catch up on all the fun aspects of my business that got neglected for my clients. :)  Blogging is something I have always enjoyed, just haven’t made the time to talk to you guys. So sorry! 

I gratefully ended with 20 sales last year, but the fabric of this year is woven a little different, and I am not expecting to do such volume. With prices on the high side and rising interest rates, Buyer’s are wondering if now is the right time. Seller’s needing to find replacement properties are competing with non-contingent offers and finding that what they net from their sale isn’t going as far as planned. In many communities, recent politics have played a part in people’s real estate choices, for better or worse. This year in Real Estate will be interesting to say the least! 

In other news, our very own brokerage, Century 21 Hometown Realty, was awarded highest honors worldwide!! Out of 7,000 franchises, Hometown received the 2016 Art Bartlett 2100 Cup Award. This is given by Century 21 annually to a franchise that exhibits the highest levels of customer service and professionalism. Couldn’t be prouder!

The picture I attached is a home that I sold at the end of last year. The young family was so happy to have their 1st home. I  love making new friends and being helpful to people. These huge real estate decisions are not made lightly, and how buyers/sellers come to their conclusions fascinate me. As always, I am thankful for the work I have, and am never too busy for my clients referrals...or those running across me on the internet and finding a commonality that creates a great relationship from the beginning. 

Til the next,

Your Realtor 

Aug 14, 2015

Don't blink or you'll miss me!

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

Jul 3, 2015

Hollywood, here I come!

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

“Hills that is, swimmin' pools, movie stars!" Well just call me Leigha Clampett!!

Yesterday I received fabulous news that, due to my sales last quarter, Century 21 Hometown is giving me my own commercial!! Stay tuned, I’ll be posting a clip when it airs. :)


Jun 28, 2015

Being #14 never felt so good

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

This week at Century 21 Hometown Realty, the company rankings were published...and I moved up to #14! NUMBER 14!!! (Out of 17 offices and over 130 agents.) In production terms, this translates to 13 homes SOLD, averaging more than 2 closings a month. What an accomplishment! I really thought it would take me longer in my career to achieve this, but I have to give thanks to all those who believed in me and gave me their wisdom, because I could not have done this alone. I also thank my clients...they are just as much a part of this as anyone else. Each of these families have entrusted me to successfully guide them through to the end of their transaction, and I took that responsibility to heart. I love them all dearly! Looking forward to the last half of 2015. Cheers!

Mar 25, 2015

I have a follower!!

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

Normally I would be creeped out by this, but oddly, I am not! You know why? Because it means someone actually reads my blogs!! Just the inspiration I needed to continue logging in and talking to my “people”….or should I say, my “person”.

Thanks buddy, for pointing it out that I have not written in over 3 months. There are no excuses, other than the jinx I put upon it myself, by making my weekly blogging goal a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION! Everyone knows that's where good intentions go to perish.

~The Orcutt Realtor



Dec 22, 2014

My, oh my, the time has gone by! Orcutt Realtor

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

I've been bad...very bad. Hopefully Santa overlooks this and still brings me something on Thursday!!  :)

The truth is, I haven't blogged since SEPTEMBER!! Eek. So, I will update you in 150 words or less on what I've been up to: Since last post, I sold 2 more homes, have 1 pending in escrow and secured 1 new listing. I've also been sending out offers like a mad woman for my clients, and will have a few new homes in escrow in January. I just sent out 100 "Leigha" calendars for next year and even got to relax one Sunday afternoon in Orcutt with a special client who invited me to drink wine and paint....who knew those 2 things went together like ice cream and a spoon!  On a personal/mom note, my son was student of the month in November, he sold $1,008 worth of See's candy for his elementary school fundraiser, and went to <kid> Superbowl for being on one of the top 2 teams in OYFL (Orcutt Youth Football League). As for our little girl, she counts in Spanish, cracks us up with her bossiness and wit, and her Mona Lisa Smile makes me wonder what fabulous things she will do with her life.

I have loved 2014 with all its ups and downs and can't wait to start my 2nd full year of selling real estate. I am proud to say I keep in touch with all the families I have served this year and will continue to deliver greatness to buyers and sellers who all deserve a professional and quality Realtor. New Years resolution for 2015....check in with my blog peeps at least once a week. Good luck Self!

The Orcutt Realtor

Sep 23, 2014

Another Satisfied Client! The Orcutt Realtor

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

Nothing makes me more happy at work than creating a positive, successful and stress-free escrow experience for both seller and buyer. Now, one might assume that is the norm with each escrow because they watch "Property Virgins" on TV. The dirty truth is, not always are both parties left feeling, well, satisfied.

It's important to keep in mind that once we are in contract together, as Buyers and Sellers, we are all working TOGTHER to get the job done. Don't get me wrong, there are 2 sides and (ideally) 2 agents, and each have separate fiduciary duties. However, I liken the situation to football. How fun would the game be if the home team got pissy because there weren't enough fans in the stands or they were only ahead by 7 rather than 37, so they decided to just take the ball and walk off the field? No spectator would pay to watch this erratic drama, and therefore, these athletes wouldn't get paid. So, they DONT DO THAT. Real Estate is very similar, but there has to be teams that understand the "game" in order to play!  :)

Fast forward to my story, where I had a spectacular team representing the other side, and was able to close escrow with their client being just as happy with MY performance and diligence as my OWN clients were with me. Wow, what a compliment! In fact, even though there were multiple offers, I was told my sincerity was transparent to the owner and won the bid for my clients! It was a combined effort, of course, a beautifully written and generous offer, a trustworthy and competent Realtor, and a seller who knew the buyers would cherish the home as they did. Match made in heaven! I am proud to say, the entire escrow went smoothly. The other agent was a true professional and we got the job done better than expected! 

To summarize, my goal above all else is to prepare, assist, and ultimately, satisfy my client with their side of the transaction, whether it be selling or buying. But, the BEST job is done when both sides of the table leave feeling extremely happy with the outcome (and the escrow ride!). I hope to continue this success for years to come. I've said it before and I will say it again, I love Real Estate!!!

~The Orcutt Realtor

Aug 25, 2014

Picture Tips......from Orcutt Realtor

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

Listen guys, your complaints are not falling on deaf ears when you ask me "Why do Realtors take such lousy pictures? I can't get a feel for this home at ALL!" I ask myself the same thing on a daily basis when I am searching the MLS for your new homes.

The simple truth: Not everyone has an eye for detail, like moi. Ok,ok, that last part was a little uppity, but for anyone who knows me understands I am very detail orientated and only want to present my products (a.k.a. your home) in the best light. It is such a disservice to home sellers when blurry, junky, reject pictures are posted on a new listing. Do these homeowners even see them beforehand? Do they think this is what ALL real estate agents do for 6% commission? I sure hope not. Since other Realtors check out my blog too (who doesn't look at their competition?) I am posting this in hopes to gently urge better for the ENTIRE profession.   

1. CLOSE THE TOILET LID. Before you flick your finger on the camera, flick your finger on the lid!

2. THE BACKYARD JAIL. Have you ever looked at a picture that was taken 6 inches away from a wrought iron fence? It just gives the yard a creep factor, and worse yet, marks that home as a big REJECT when clients are deciding which homes to view. So, dear real estate co-workers, Get a chair! A stool! Climb on a rock! Reach your arms ABOVE the fence top! Or, just OPEN THE GATE. This goes for shots of the backyard through the screen door too!

3. THE BACK OF YOUR CAR. Get all cars out of the driveway, including your own!

4. BLURRY PICTURES- These are a no-no. Regardless of what they are trying to capture, they are a no-no on every occasion. Just don't bother posting them at all.

5. YOUR OWN REFLECTION. No one looks their best when they have a double chin due to looking down at their camera making their concentration face crop that part out! Unless you come with the house, get out of the picture!

6. FOOD. On the kitchen counter, in bedrooms, in living room. Again, if it's not a good pic, just don't post it.

7. KIDS TOYS. We were all kids once, yes, but not all of us were allowed to leave a mess. Buyers can't see themselves in a messy home, and even if they can, they won't want to pay top dollar for it. Picking up your clients mess will show them how to present their home when the rest of us come to look at it too.

8. NO PICTURES- This is the most fun. It's anyone's guess as to how upgraded or run down that home is. In my opinion, this is actually worse than crappy pictures. Clients don't want to waste their Saturday looking at homes that your couldn't even spend your time getting a picture of!

So, in summary, Realtors- Help ME to help YOU, post better pics!


The Orcutt Realtor. "Making a difference in our community, 1 house at a time"

Aug 24, 2014

My farthest far!! Orcutt Realtor

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

I just spent the entire day with my clients from South Africa who are relocating to my fave spot...Orcutt. What wonderful people they are. I could listen to them talk for hours, I just love accents, and just a super neat family on top of it all. I cannot wait to find them a home in Orcutt and be NEIGHBORS! Another client-turned-friend. Who could ask for a better job??


The Orcutt Realtor

Aug 20, 2014

Summers over?? I was just getting started! Orcutt Realtor

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

I can't believe how blessed I have been this summer. For one, I live on the Central Coast. That in itself is lucky, if you for one second have turned on the news lately. But, I also got to spend quality time with the kiddos at the beach and sell a couple beautiful Orcutt homes to wonderful families. This career is the best. It has been both challenging and rewarding, and I just know being a Real Estate Agent is a full time career I will be happy in for years to come. I am already starting to receive referrals from colleagues and past just a few months! #makingpeoplehappymakesmehappy #sell my house #orcuttrealtor

Aug 12, 2014

I was meant for this! Orcutt Realtor

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

To some, dealing with legal contracts might be daunting. For me, it's PERFECTION!!

Real Estate is where my love for sales, design, negotiating, hard work and seeing people that I'VE made happy come together in perfect harmony.

However, in becoming The Orcutt Realtor, I found a new love.... CONTRACTS! Writing the perfect, iron-clad contract that gets accepted is not intimidating but thrilling. My critical scrutiny finally has a healthy outlet! LOL 

My dad always said I should be a lawyer. Sorry to disappoint dad, this is my calling! xoxo, The Orcutt Realtor

Jul 24, 2014

Orcutt Open House Success!

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

This little cutie always creates a great turn out for my Open Houses, he's my good luck charm!! On this particular adventure, his name was Senor Roman. He is out for summer and keeps me company with games of checkers in between showings.

I love hosting Open Houses in Orcutt because I just love Orcutt and the clients who are looking to move here. When I moved to Orcutt 8 years ago from renting in Buellton, I thought it was a stepping stone back to the Santa Ynez Valley. But, as it turns out, I have grown so fond of Orcutt that when I find myself dreaming about my next <much bigger> house, I immediately look at the active listings in Orcutt. This quiet bedroom community has great schools, great neighborhoods and great food! Shopping is always nearby and so is the beach! Avila is quite the little hot spot on Friday nights, farmers markets are so fun this time of year! I pride myself in being my neighborhood expert in the Woodmere Villas, serving on the Board of Directors for 4 years now.

Who is this chick? lol


Dedicated mom, then Realtor    :)

Jul 15, 2014

Proud New Member!! {Orcutt Realtor}

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

Hi guys!!

I'm a proud new member of our local Santa Barbara County Coastal Housing Partnership!

If you work at a participating employer, please apply for a Letter of Authorization. Go to for more info.


I love ya guys!


Orcutt Realtor

Jul 14, 2014

My beautiful Positive Patty! You solved it for me! {Orcutt Realtor}

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

So I've been wondering what to include on my the point that I don't write anything! With all the social media we have to add our opinions to already, coupled with the constant communication all day long, I kind of run out of things to say....or worse, repeat myself...but it finally came to me today what I want to use it for: Positive Praise.

Why? Because in this business I beat myself up enough for not being perfect enough for everyone I meet, and its a ridiculous standard. I want to embrace and share the loving comments I do get, to remind myself on those rough days that I am making a difference to people.

So why is Patty's name in the title? Because I dedicate this epiphany to her!

Today, my newest client Patty said something so simple yet meant so much to me. Knowing she had a terrible experience with her first home, I've been watching out for her like a mama bear. :)  After we checked in with each other for the week and were getting off the phone, she said to me, "Leigha, where were you when I bought my first house??"

I am so proud that my intuition and skill sets are coming together in wonderful harmony to be able to guide people to their own highest and best interest! #dreamcometrue

Jul 3, 2014

Thanks Felisa! xoxo {Orcutt Realtor}

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

I recently met a wonderful woman who I loooove spending time with looking for homes! She also sent great feedback that left me warm and fuzzy inside! Had to share...its making people happy like Felisa that shows me I am doing the right thing in life!

"Leigha, I really liked working with you. You are such an intelligent person. Also, you are a hard worker and very well informed about how to satisfy your client's needs. I trust that you will find me the best house in town"



Orcutt Realtor

Mar 12, 2014

"Locked" and Loaded! {Orcutt Realtor}

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

just learned how to open a Realtor lock-box via my phone!!!! #who is this chick all computer savvy-like???


Orcutt Realtor

Mar 6, 2014

Gimme a L! Gimme an E! Gimme an I...and so on

Posted by: Leigha Peralta

You get the picture, I was going to spell my own name. Why? Because today I won the coveted SPIRIT AWARD at our monthly office meeting!!! I had no speech prepared, but I'll tell you, it felt GREAT. :)  Thank you Kalua, my thoughtful manager for noticing me!


Orcutt Realtor

Mar 4, 2014


Posted by: Leigha Peralta

I'm so happy, today is the day I'm official all the way up to Nationals!

Yes, that's right, I have joined the Association of Realtors.

Get ready to see my picture evvverywhere. :)


Orcutt Realtor